Monday, April 23, 2012

A Rat Became the Unit of Currency part 2 circling


A Rat Became the Unit of Currency part 1

He realized Elise was gone. He'd forgotten to ask where she was headed. (C 20)
Elise is an apparition, like Gradiva. Coupled with apparition is disappearance. She leaves silently when he isn't paying attention. She is hiding from him. In the early morning he looked in every room. He didn't see her. Was he searching for her?

Eric: There's a poem I read in which a rat becomes the unit of currency.

Chin: Yes. That would be interesting.

Eric: Yes. That would impact the world economy.

Chin: The name alone. Better than the dong or the kwacha.

Eric: The name says everything.

Chin: Yes. The rat.

Eric: Yes. The rat closed lower today against the euro.

Chin: Yes. There is growing concern that the Russian rat will be devalued.

Eric: White rats. Think about that.

Chin: Yes. Pregnant rats.

Eric:Yes. Major sell-off of pregnant Russian rats.

Chin: Britain converts to the rat.

Eric:Yes. Joins trend to universal currency.

Chin: Yes. U.S. establishes rat standard.

Eric: Yes. Every U.S. dollar redeemable for rat.

Chin: Dead rats.

Eric: Yes. Stockpiling of dead rats called global health menace. (C 23-24)

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