Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nancy Babich: Code For A Smart Gun: Babette Babich Is A Smart Gun

Babette Babich

Babette Babich - what a name. Straight out of Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, eh.

Nancy Babich BAM!

Nancy Babich is CODE 

In Cosmopolis Nancy Babich is CODE for a smart gun.

Babette is Jack Gladney's wife in DeLillo's White Noise.

Jack Gladney is THE international specialist in Hitler Studies.

Babette Babich is THE international specialist in Nietzsche.

Nietzsche is the philosopher that Hitler pressed to his bosom. 

Nietzsche is the philosopher that Ayn Rand memorized and read from age 16 until her late 30's. Beyond Good and Evil was her first book in English and she underlined all her favorite passages says Barbara Branden quoting her in her book The Passion of Ayn Rand.

Nancy Babich is CODE for Babette Babich. Babette Babich is CODE for the entire book. 

Babette Babich is the "smart gun" who shoots soft and deadly bullets that shatter masks.

Nietzsche: Words written in blood are not to be read but learnt by heart

Babette Babich wrote Words In Blood, Like Flowers - Philosophy and Poetry, Music and Eros in Holderlin, Nietzsche, and Heidegger

The Blogs of Babette Babich - Profile
Click on her pic on the far right for details of her profile and blogs

WORDS IN BLOOD - DeLillo writes a sentence or paragraph on one sheet of paper.He then reads it and edits it.He rewrites it.He keeps doing this until he gets it exactly the way he wants it to be. 
Cosmopolis was WRITTEN IN BLOOD. 
"Words written in blood are not to be read but to be learnt by heart" - Nietzsche
The Cronenberg read Cosmopolis in one sitting, pasted the dialogue into screenplay software in 6 days.Shot the film in 6 weeks.Edited it on the quick.Showed it in Cannes one year later.
Wham bam thank you ma'am!
ROB PATTINSON LEARNED THE WORDS BY HEART. He says they still echo in his inner ear. Rob Pattinson is following Nietzsche's urging. 
Cronenberg probably didn't even know Nietzsche said what he said.

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AlteredbyaVampire(ABV Kiri) posted: I always find myself going back to *The Nancy Babich* part of the story.....
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Lydia posted:  I've always wondered where Delillo came up with the name.

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