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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reading the UK Riots:5 Books That Told Us What Was Coming

 Earlier blog here on the riots:   Reading London Riots Through Cosmopolis and DeLillo

For a more complete analysis and coverage of the Events: http://cengizerdem.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/reading-the-uk-riots-slavoj-zizek-and-living-in-the-end-times-via-reading-the-riots/

Rioting and looting was not the only violent activity being carried out by Englishmen on Sunday night. Some hours before Cameron appeared on our TV screens vowing to take revenge on the risen British youth, his bomber pilots carried out a raid which slaughtered 33 Libyan children, along with 32 women and 20 men in Zlitan, a village near Tripoli. He, along with the rulers of France and the USA, are desperately trying to stave off economic collapse in the same way they always have – through the slaughter of third world people and the theft of their resources.
The English Riots in Context - Rebel Griot  http://www.countercurrents.org/griot130811.htm

For books other than Cosmopolis predicting the London Riots Event

http://simonarmstrongonbooks.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/reading-the-uk-riots-5-books-that-told-us-what-was-coming/#comment-3  You will have to put this link in google as yahoo won't get you there.

“The suburbs dream of violence. Asleep in their drowsy villas, sheltered by benevolent shopping malls, they wait patiently for the nightmares that will wake them into a more passionate world.”
- J G Ballard, Kingdom Come (2006)

The idea of an imminent apocalypse or reckoning is as old as civilisation itself, yet our constant unease at the state of the world and the economy implies that the End Times are no longer an abstract event on the horizon, but something that is already upon us which we have chosen to ignore. - Zizek

And so here we are and DeLillo is right again. Everything you might want to know is in all my links. Images, videos both mainstream media and on the spot ones which reveal more as no one is telling you what you are seeing.

The End of History? - Francis Fukuyama

And reading the riots through Cronenberg's eXistenZ :  In eXistenZ, technology is biological and is thus more "human" than it is in our world. But as technology becomes organic, humans become more mechanical and therefore less free, unable to resist their "game-urges." As human consciousness is extended, human freedom of will (or its illusion) is amputated.

And don't miss this youtube of a wonderful video of graffiti in action on a metro car in Spain.


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