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Monday, August 13, 2012

Rob Pattinson - Eric Packer - Cronenberg to Ring in NYSE Tomorrow

Zizek spoke at Occupy Wall Street and one of the things he said was,

The Holy Spirit is here.

This is what Cronenberg trashed by ringing the bell at the NYSE opening.

Rob Pattinson Betrays DeLillo AND Occupy

What a sick sick sick feeling I have on reading this.

Ringing the bell for the opening of NYSE is a publicity move to DEFANG  Delillo's Cosmopolis. 

It is DETERRENCE to detract from the heart of the novel and Rob is complicit because he doesn't see the Game. But The Cronenberg does. He wants fame for his deliberate misreading of DeLillo's novel and for his movie and for his box office. 

Shame on you Rob for getting sucked into this! Shame. Just. Say. No. Evidently you misread the novel yourself and/or just accepted Cronenberg's authorial position on it. 


Talk about getting your heart ripped out. I will never forgive you for this. Now this is REAL BETRAYAL!

Just to take the heat off your Break Up Porn Scandal!

Disgusted. Boycott the opening of this movie. Wait until it hits the discount theatres. Or see on DVD at your local library.

What do "30 Pieces of Silver" amount to for Cronenberg in creating this visual "floating mask" of Deterrence for the New York Stock Exchange?

You can bet he 
garnered some future financing that he is always talking about for pimping Rob Pattinson to do this. 

A boy being pimped by a man. 

Does Kristen want a man or a boy?

We know his girlfans want the perpetual, infantilized boy.

A spectacle inducing misperception. It isn't going to work.
David Fincher, attention David Fincher!

Please do a remake of Cosmopolis with Andrew Garfield. It is too important a novel and film to be eviscerated.

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