Friday, August 17, 2012

TimesTalk Interview with Cronenberg, Rob Pattinson and David Carr And Werner Herzog

David Cronenberg born 1943

Just before 44.xx Cronenberg remarks that Packer's Chief of Theory Vija Kinski is really a philosopher. Carr pushes for a deeper dialogue than the sound bites so far from Cronenberg. At 44.xx Cronenberg discusses Fukuyama, The End Of History, Hegel, evolutionary theory based on progression towards the ideal when in fact evolution is constant diversification. He sounds impressive for the  mob of fangirls in the audience.

Fukuyama first published this in 1992 so Cronenberg is about 20 years behind in his (ahem) brilliant intellectual auteur status. Since then Foucault has become mainstream in Europe and in seminars and academic conferences in the US and the world. Jean Baudrillard will follow Foucault as the first major philosopher to challenge the great one. These two are the deep structure of DeLillo's Cosmopolis. Apparently Cronenberg doesn't know that. 

Please listen to his mish-mash at 44.xx when he begins to fidget and squirm trying to sound profound as his confidence begins to disintegrate. He dissembles, and Rob saves him with his strange pronunciation of Hegel as Hi-gel indicating he has never discussed Hegel in any academic classroom and doesn't know anything, where he makes a quick shift to Calvin and Hobbes, a free association of philosophical jargon here, and makes a joke then saying he doesn't know what he is talking about. Arrrrggggh. 

Now listen to Cronenberg's contemporary Werner Herzog on University of California TV. This is 2 hours that you will never forget as long as you live. You will be in the presence of a fully realized human being of great personal culture who grew up with an outdoor toilet, no phone until puberty, never saw a movie until he was 11. You will be in the space of greatness and an audience at UC that is so enthralled no one even coughs or sneezes. You will laugh, cry, weep, and know what it is to be a spontaneous fully evolved person of great joy. A Nietzschean ubermensch. A superman, a superhero.

Werner Herzog will be one of Rob Pattinson's upcoming directors. He will know then the poseur and fake that Cronenberg is.  Listen and you will know before Rob does.

Werner Herzog Born 1942

There is no way that even the least sophisticated person cannot know the great chasm of difference between these two men. Let us pray that Herzog will open Rob's eyes to the bullshit artist he now idolizes. 

Cronenberg takes Rob all around the world as his boy toy to pimp his film and revels in the attention Rob is getting for him and for his film. The cheap publicity stunts (NYSE) and half-assed interviews and still the reviews of the more major - using the term loosely - reviewers have little good to say of it. But they are not blaming Rob. Breathe a sigh of relief Rob.


American criticRoger Ebert wrote that Herzog "has never 

created a single film that is compromised, shameful, 

made for pragmatic reasons or uninteresting. Even his failures are spectacular."[4]

This is how it is done folks by a filmmaker of integrity.

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