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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Rothko Chapel That Eric Packer Wants to Buy


The Rothko Chapel was the last and one of the most important endeavors that Dominique and John de Menil, its founders, worked on together. This modern work of religious art commissioned for Houston is comparable in importance to the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence by Henri Matisse or le Corbusier's Chapel in Ronchamp, France.

Eric Packer wants the entire chapel and Didi Fancher tells him he cannot have it.
The Chapel is the culmination of six years of Rothko’s life and represents his gradually growing concern for the transcendent. For some, to witness these paintings is to submit one’s self to a spiritual experience, which, through its transcendence of subject matter, approximates that of consciousness itself. It forces one to approach the limits of experience and awakens one to the awareness of one’s own existence. For others, the Chapel houses 14 large paintings whose dark, nearly impenetrable surfaces represent hermeticism and contemplation. http://tinyurl.com/6jy4es2

discusses this kind of excessive consumption as signs that indicate the power and wealth of an individual. The de Menils' established a foundation to enable others to view and experience these paintings within a spiritual setting. Eric Packer wants the entire chapel for himself only. The crassness of this is what irritates Didi Fancher.

Philadelphia.  The New Barnes Collection Opens.  The controversial and infamous Barnes Foundation enters its next incarnation in life in center city Philadelphia.  If you don’t know what the Barnes Foundation is, it’s an extraordinary world renowned art collection put together by the now deceased Albert Barnes.  Up until now, due to strict provision in his will, visitors had to travel to Barnes’ former home outside of the city in order to see the collection, but a series of highly controversial court decisions changed all that, and the collection has been moved to a brand new museum in center city Philadelphia, that was designed to precisely replicating his home.  It’s a fascinating story and a world-class collection of great paintings, sculpture and other works of art.  The new facility officially opens on Saturday, so you can be among the first to check it out.

This is a tragedy of corruption and greed by the City of Philadelphia. To see the Barnes Collection in its beautiful home in Merion Pennsylvania where Albert Barnes lived with his collection, is to see it as it was meant to be seen. This is the kind of thing Eric Packer wanted to do to the Rothko Chapel collection.

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